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Author: mandmweb

Mobile App Design Solutions For Small Business – How To Attract and Retain More Of Your Customers!

Many of you already have websites which are (hopefully) integrated with your offline advertising channels (radio, billboard, newspaper, magazines, direct mail), and you probably generate a substantial part of your traffic and leads through this channel. What if I were to tell you that Google has made a game changing, strategic move that could reduce your online leads, traffic and profits considerably within the next 2 – 5 years if you do NOT pay attention to the implications of that move? Google spent $12.5Billion last year to acquire Motorola Mobility, and this acquisition was so strategically important that Google spent more than 41% of it’s free cash for the deal. Now, why would Google bet almost half its cash to make this deal? Is this acquisition telling you something about the future of the internet that WILL have a profound impact on your business if you ignore it? Note that, Google almost OWNS the internet today, but was willing to bet nearly half of its cash to get into the mobile app design solutions playing field! Do you want to bet your businesses’ future against Google’s signal that the world is going mobile? To understand why, consider these facts: The Whole World Is Going MOBILE! There are 5.2Billion mobile phones worldwide and growing rapidly There are 1.1billion smart phones worldwide and growing rapidly About 80% of US households have...

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