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Month: November 2017

Marketing Automation – The Importance of Lead Scoring in B2B

I have spent a great deal of time of late evaluating various marketing related technologies to build out some efficiencies and adopt some of the newer tricks out there. In an earlier article, I dug into my view on the content management space. As it turns out, several of the content management and WEM vendors also include Marketing Automation. So I thought I’d talk a little how to use it to nurture leads. Marketing Automation: What Is It? If you work in Marketing, there’s a good chance you already know what this means. Just to be certain we’re all on the same page, let’s review a quick definition to get on common ground. “Marketing Automation is a software-based solution that offers advanced email marketing functionality such as drip marketing, multi-step campaigns, landing page generation, and full analytical tracking. It also can include more advanced message testing and targeting features not commonly found in simple email marketing products.” Essentially, these products exist to help marketing teams better nurture and qualify leads in the early stages of the sales funnel. That way, once a lead makes it to sales, the person is more likely to be qualified, interested, and ready to dig in to consider the product in detail. They likely have a real project and budget, maybe even a desired time line, leading to a true opportunity waiting and ready...

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Latest Direct Marketing Solution – Email Marketing with Desktop Alert

Email marketing solution provider dotMailer announced its technology partnership with the award winning push technology market leader Skinkers for new and existing clients on 1st May 2007. Marketing experts think that this partnership is going to have a long lasting effect on the market and people can expect many similar deals in the future. Email marketing has been a prime choice for marketers to reach the target market easily and within a moderate budget. They also use this method to sustain the existing customer base and update them about latest developments in the company. However this technology partnership between these two corporations is going to expand the horizons of direct marketing in UK. dotMailer now will also offer Skinkers Alerts to reach the target market directly on the customers desktop. Skinkers Desktop Alert is one of the most exciting communication channels that can take direct marketing strategies by storm if properly implemented. Industry insiders think that dotMailer’s professionals are working very well to come out with a perfect solution to use and incorporate effective email marketing strategies into Desktop Alert system. The information, in this process can also be sent directly to the handheld devices which further establish its uniqueness as well as timeliness. To add to this, that clients can decide the actual time when the information should ideally reach the target audience in a specified format. The...

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Email Marketing Tips – How to Get More Paying Customers From Your Email Marketing Campaigns

A great deal of your success as an Internet business person will come in the form of having repeat customers. Anyone can make a purchase at a website but it is not until people start making multiple purchases at your business that you will know that you are a success. You can use these email marketing tips to help build these repeat clients, however, pushing you closer to making a profit. When someone makes a purchase from your website, they are going to have to enter their email address so they can receive the confirmation emails about their purchase. Of course, this does not mean that you can not send them more information in the future. Once you have their email address after they made a purchase, you can use their email address to send them future emails for additional products or sales which you may be having, helping to entice them back to your store. These email marketing tips have you using all of the resources that you have to gain repeat customers. What Else Can Email Be Used For? Additionally, you can also feature a section on your website dedicated to people who simply want more information without having purchased anything. These are people who are signing up for newsletter and announcements of sales and new products. Using their email addresses, you can begin to see how...

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